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A relationship portal. Because it's all about us.

Our mutual capability to create strong and warm relationships is at the core of social sustainability. Sound relationships make us better equipped to deal with other important problems in this world. Flower Beam is a portal between the Nordics and California and is here for you who would like to experience SOCAP 2017 through the Nordic Impact Week between October 6-20 but cannot be there in person. Here you can follow the Nordic Impact Week journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

But this is not all. Flower Beam also offers unique experiences such as probably the world's largest art installation with the Unknown Cloud. Try out real-time relationship coaching with Love Coach Academy, and earn Love$ by making good deeds through Qwids Love Missions.

SOCAP stands for Social Capital and SOCAP 2017 is their annual flagship event in San Francisco which convenes thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, and people who are dedicated to bringing capital to social good. Nordic Impact Week is making their fourth trip in a row to SOCAP and this year they will also go to Los Angeles with amazing events on the schedule. Through Flower Beam we will create a bridge of love so everyone can share the experience right from your couch.


When you are (almost) ​going to San Francisco



Watch and interact with amazing speakers directly from the digital stage.

The speakers list is growing day by day.
​Such as:
Scott Catamas & Emily Orum Love Coach Academy / San Francisco
Ray Podder Evolutionary strategist / Los Angeles
Kevin Jones SOCAP
Lars Ling Nordic Impact Week

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The admission for Flower Beam is free and this includes a whole range of events and experiences. Special events are available from $1 (10SEK) and of course you freely choose which events you would like to buy to experience.

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